What’s New at White Stone Farm

Wow – how quickly the year is disappearing!  No sooner did we enjoy the golden hues of autumn, then winter approached with bracing winds, rain and more rain, sub-zero temperatures and more rain.  Did I mention rain?  How sad the extra water tanks aren’t in yet!  But the ducks think it’s the best thing in the world – the whole property is one big swamp, just ripe for puddling around in!!

Ducks love rain!

So far, our record coldest morning was about -6°C.  The landscape was blanketed in white icicles, giving everything a lacy cover that crunched underfoot. Nearby towns had snow!  Even the weeds looked pretty in their icicle finery.

Aside from the cold, there have been some glorious days of winter sunshine, enabling Stace to get out and make some amazing changes to the White Stone Farm landscape. The rain and high clay content on the property does make anything to do with dirt or driving around the property a lot more challenging and it’s caused Stace huge frustration as he slips and slides around the block.  In future years we won’t be doing such grand manoeuvres in the slushy, slippery winter but this year we need to get lots done before spring.  Despite the trying conditions, Stace has done an amazing job at moving earth to create some innovative infrastructure and effective grow beds…

A straw bale, thermal mass Greenhouse…

And a range of fantastic Hugelkultur (mound) raised beds planted with bare-rooted fruit trees and a myriad of crops in others…

Hugelkultur fruit beds

More details and a How-To guide on making these amazing structures is to come – watch this space!

And finally, the beautiful chooks, my beloved girls who entertain us to no end with their antics have been helping weed the garden and are constantly on the look out for bugs, worms and any other source of protein to help make their delicious farm fresh eggs!

The chooks love to help!

It’s always busy and always lots of fun at White Stone Farm!  We’re looking forward to some warmer weather and the bursting of new crops and greenery in spring that is just around the corner.

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