Something summery this way comes…

From our lovely days of spring, the weather has now starting to warm up as summer gets into full swing and give us a hint of increasing summer heat to come.  The temperature climbs higher – mid 20’s, 30 degrees…mid 30’s…in the heat of summer (around now) the mercury will reach into the 40’s again and scorch our landscape.

The landscape held on to its last vestiges of verdant finery for quite a while.  The greenery. Oh how I love the greenery before the scenery changes to golden yellow and browns.  I love the rolling green hills of the volcanic landscape, the freshness of the growth, the flowers and abundant water.

Rose at White Stone Farm

I hold onto the wonderful memories of these mild spring time days, of longer light and activity, before heat of summer saps our strength and makes things too hot and horrible to do much. Before we switch into overheated survival mode!  Lots of opportunity to train llamas, spend time working with Jess, get stuck into weeding, watch the plants grow vigorously, harvest garlic, bask in the sunshine whilst out and about among the veggies and watch chickens grow. Often it means that we don’t sit down to dinner until the sun has gone to bed, eating at 10pm (very Spanish of us!), with little time left to do much after that but put ourselves to bed…but it certainly makes us appreciate all those daylight hours to get stuff done!  The animals and plants seem to enjoy this last bit of productivity too, with the horse and llamas relishing the extra grazing period and lazy days in the sun before the grass turns completely dry.

Wildfire and the girls

With the arrival of good friends over summer, comes the opportunity to get the llamas out and about on a trek through the landscape as we prepare for our Llama Luncheon treks in the near future. As the llama girls grow and learn, it’s really good to get them used to walking with a number of different people as we go on these walks – and it’s getting much too difficult to walk them all together by myself these days!

A trek through the landscape is always fun! Owen and Karen, our regular visitors and wonderful friends from Sydney enjoy spending time at the farm and helping us with the llamas.  Owen and Brittany have a very special connection and she absolutely loves it when he comes to stay.

Owen Brit Prue & Lilah

Wandering through the volcanic scenery with the llamas is a quiet and relaxing way to appreciate the scenery, keep fit and enjoy the peace and solitude of the country.

Heading out on a llama trek

As we wander along the llamas are inquisitive and enjoy the experience, the new sights and smells, the wildlife, the sunshine and the company.  Often Brittany will start humming happily in her llama way as she walks along.

Llama trekking with Owen and Karen

And Yuki tries to stop to eat every step of the way…with so much hay around, it’s a wonder we actually get anywhere at times!!

Yuki and balesAfter a lovely amble with the llamas there is always time for llama kisses at the end!

Llama kisses with Yuki and Karen

A big thank you for Owen and Karen for spending time with us this summer and helping us out on the farm!

So, who wants to come along next and join us for a llama trek??