Find your Square…

Einstein worked for months on E = MC

But it wasn’t quite right – he knew there was something more, something missing. Do you ever feel like you are on the brink of something…that there is an epiphany just out of reach, that you start thinking a certain way, but there’s something more just hovering on the outskirts of your consciousness waiting to be discovered?

Sometimes giving yourself the space – the time, energy or silence to contemplate is important to finding that elusive part of the equation. In today’s society we’re all so rushed, so busy, so switched on and distracted by what’s happening outside of our thoughts. But finding some moments to contemplate the world within is important to answer elusive questions, ideas or future plans. To understand what drives us, where our passions lie, where we want to go with this one precious life. To be alone with our thoughts, mull over ideas that are gently brewing in the back recesses of our minds. The switch off, check out and enjoy some stillness to allow the pieces to fall into place.

Admiring the view in Japan

To ruminate – to thoughtfully chew over something. It’s one of my favourite words. Llamas ruminate. They spend the early part of the day busily eating, heads down, hoovering up grass as quickly as they can, getting their fill. Then as the afternoon wears on, they stop, sit in the sun or under the shade of a tree and chew their cud. They ruminate. Busy, busy, busy and then time to sit, ponder, regurgitate and relax. They sit in silence, watch the world go by and finish their meal slowly. They are still. A study on antelope on the savannah a couple of years ago showed that their brain waves change when they ruminate, from ultra alert to meditative, sleep-like waves. Who knew that antelope, llamas and cows could meditate?!

Llamas ruminating

As always, nature is an excellent teacher. So take a leaf out of the llama handbook. When you open yourself up to gazing within, you never know what you might discover.

E = MC doesn’t do anything, until Einstein discovered the Square. A little tweak, a tiny addition to the equation and BOOM – everything changes. A huge breakthrough. A complete change in how people view things.  And, in some cases, a huge explosion of energy.

Find some stillness and find your Square.

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