Change of weather, Change of attitude

It’s amazing what a change in location and lifestyle can make on your outlook to the weather and all it brings.  In the depths of a dry summer, this is even more apparent.

Once rain was an annoyance, an inconvenience, damaging to picnic plans and outdoor BBQ events.  Now here at White Stone Farm, Rain equals Life.

We’ve come to realise that our property seems stuck in a rain shadow – we’ll watch storm clouds scud across the sky towards us, heavy with rain, only to part and leave us in perpetual sunshine, with a tinge of disappointment at missing out.  Great for weddings, not so great when your plants are thirsty and your dam is running low.

We live by our rain gauge

When we hear a forecast of rain these days, we roll our eyes in disbelief, “Yeah right, everywhere but here…” we mutter.  We challenge Mother Nature to unleash her deluge.  So when the heavens does open up and Mother Nature shares her bountiful supply from the clouds, we rejoice.  We do a happy dance at this dry time of year and watch the land come back to Life.  The plants perk up, the tanks get a new flush of clean, pure rainwater and the dam level rises.  The frogs come out of hiding and croak ever so happily.

“Terrible weather we’re having,” city folks will say.

“No, it’s raining – and that’s wonderful right now,” we reply.

Of course, there has to be a happy medium – be kind Mother Nature, but not cruel.  The memories of last summer’s devastating floods are all too fresh in this area.  Just give us a  nourishing taste of sweet rainwater and quench our thirst before you bathe us in sunshine once again…

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